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The Nzinga Capoeira Angola Group is dedicated to the preservation of traditional values of Capoeira Angola and of Bantu culture through research, training, rodas, publications, debates, art and social activism. Our group is guided by the wisdom of Mestra Janja, Mestra Paulinha, and Mestre Poloca who, each in their own way, seek to provide continuity to the teachings and lineage of Capoeira Angola’s greatest advocate, Mestre Pastinha.

What is Capoeira Angola?

Capoeria Angola is the name given to the practice of an Afro-Brazilian martial art that seeks to preserve its African philosophical foundations through dance, music, fight, playfulness, and spirituality.

In a Capoeira roda, everyone participates and each person is unique. In each game, there is a ‘staging’ of a fight that transforms powerful kicks into playfulness. Nzinga rodas are characterized by an ethic of nonviolence and a culture of peace.

Capoeira is a process of developing knowledge of self that isn’t limited to physical activity. Capoeiristas seek self-awareness through collective experiences, debate, and reflections that are as important to the formation of a Capoeirista as trainings and games.

As a symbol of the struggle for black liberation in Brazil and the ongoing fight for equality, Capoeira Angola is also used as a tool for education, building self-esteem, and social inclusion of children and youth.


Source: Grupo Nzinga de Capoeira Angola:

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